24/10/2022 Prelude&Maqam CD

We are happy to release our new CD Prelude&Maqam
on 24 October 2022

digital release on all major streaming platforms

6 Preludes for Cello Solo by J.S.Bach
6 new pieces by Damascus- Berlin for Cello and Oud
Recording, editing: Volker Greve
Photo: Daniel Biskup
Graphik: Marnie Schaefer

interview and presentation by Maria on

29/1, 19/2, 26/3/2022 Concert series Sophienkirche, Berlin


Maria Magdalena Wiesmaier, Cello Nabil Hilaneh, Oud

Konzerte in der Sophienkirche Berlin 

29.1. 2022 Damaskus- Berlin

19. 2. 2022. Damaskus- Berlin mit Mohamed Fityan, Nay

26. 3.2022. Damaskus- Berlin mit Gast 

jeweils 18 Uhr Eintritt frei, bitte 2G+ Regel beachten 

Sophienkirche Berlin

Große Hamburger Str. 29-30, 10115 Berlin

Photo: Daniel Biskup

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